India is back!

It was time. Time to find you after more than 3 months of absence on the blogosphere; time used to evolve.

Once upon a time, a big villain hacker went stalking in the blogosphère. There was once a nice model; a fair-haired woman who had just created her blog. The villain hacker saw in this naïve bloggeuse, which had then never heard of blog maintenance, perfect PREY of choice! It is therefore as well as after six months of existence, INDIASINSIGHTS was scratched miserably and irrevocably from the net. INDIASINSIGHTS 1.0 died, peace in its soul.

But as in all such stories, it is always the good person which ends up winning after all.

So INDIA is back!!!!
Welcome to INDIASINSIGHTS 2.0!

And yes dear readers… You missed me so much that I intend to continue what we had begun together. I used this time of absence to modify and improve the concept:

First of all, the blog earned a .com !

We shall always have an eye on the wings of the model, with videos, photographs, interviews, fashions shoots, castings, the back of house. I shall hide nothing from you – or almost nothing…

Regularly, I shall scrutinise looks (mine, but also those passed in the street, personalities, and my friends) and will always offer beauty advice.

Also, I want to invite you to discover my private world (nothing too private, of course; this ins’t “IN BED WITH INDIA” after all), by taking you with me to discover unusual places, my restaurants, travel experiences, expos, concerts and films. In other words, to share my daily life with you!

I am back! par indiasinsights