My dear readers,

I really wanted to share with you this famous race stereotype of life in which the dummy lambda and the word that describes it did constantly return to the mouths of many young girls who might dream of modeling. For I do not see the famous CASTING (dropped the word!), as an aside that the shimmering glamorous conventions generally associate the world of fashion like to show it. Simply put, the cast is not cool!

Sometimes funny, sometimes happy, sometimes risqué or even suspected, the cast can be as fast as it can sometimes be a real test patient. For is not the model that has never lost its place in a queue for 2 hours (yes I said 2 hours!) to satisfy an urge to go. Nothing glamorous, I told you, the modeling career can seem cruel, and believe me they rarely make you such a favor of you kindly keep your place until you return, even though it will seem most completely normal.

But fear not, I do not embark in this episode through a laborious casting, quite the contrary. “Express for Express! Sometimes you have to be quick … Hello / Click! Clack! / And the little bird is just coming into the box that we’ve gone … I hope you and give thanks to these short videos that are perfect for me the day was like a dummy, a small idea of what is ultimately a cast. As a bonus, the little tricks before and after casting!