I’m moving to New York City! Finally, you discover the destination of my life change. New york! Big Apple! The city that never sleeps!

I am, as I announced in a previous post, tried out to explore new horizons. Things ripen for some time … The agency buddy of mine in NY (Willemina) solicit me for some time … Part I first see if the grass was greener elsewhere, direction Londres.Et strength of this experience, I reinforced the idea that I should drag my gaiters further. There is a proverb that says Hindi wise also the grass is not necessarily greener, it is just below …. So I think …. And I say, VS proverb proverb that nothing ventured, nothing gained. Especially since New York claiming from me (I never thought to write such a sentence one day), but they insist that I come work there.

To be more clear and the heart of the debate in the United States, customers like to pubs for the healthy girls, which give off something cool in nature …. In short, a girl next door with a pro background and possibly more able to ask for both the make-up, the Cosmetic, hair products, etc. …. I seem to match their market.

So I go, book under his arm to the adventure. I am delighted to still be sought in this way and always have the urge to rush …

I rush, yes, but at the moment with a big tile to accommodate me, because accommodation in these scenarios is not within the agency. For me to manage to dig up a roof over my place, for them to connect me with their customers, to make me do a max of castings, quick to offer their range of applicants, a new girl that stands out and change their age-old catalogs with always the same models. The novelty brings creativity and a novel form of emulation beneficial for everyone (clients, agency, models )….

That’s the best. Anyway, my experience New York will bring new life to my blog and this experience will be revealing … We will see all the content.
At the moment I take this great opportunity, offers to review your Robert & Collins for my next americano / Frenchy posts and feel free to sponsor me once there to find me an apartment. Snap version 2.0 high-speed word of mouth so that in Big Apple, the apple in question is not me.

I count on you! We remain in contact course via my blog.

I embrace you and hope that my blog version coming across the Atlantic will seduce you as much if not more than the present.

Many surprises and revelations to come ….