Already one month in New York! Or rather, in Manhattan … The day of reckoning has come, follow me and you deserve to know its contents. I will not deny that despite my rhetoric of expatriate (or repatriated, depending on which side of the ocean we are), I m ‘was given one month to confirm a report that was to be objective about my new life.

Because living in New York at beautiful dream, I’m first for TRA-VA-ILLER (again, depending on whose perspective we are …). Enough blabla, I offer you my verdict on my review New York:


You ‘will understand, I survalide my decision. I must say that the jobs raining since I arrived, which was not necessarily the case in Paris. I even for the first time in my life put my booker in speed-dial ….. after my darling of course! (See, touch speed dial). In short, New York ‘s only happiness …

The reason is simply that being said, the Paris market is relatively small, and the casting directors were the same for a long time. We kiss each slams the castings, we take the new kids! Inevitably, when one is led to see the same people every month for 10 years, you end up knowing each other. As for benefits, most shootings are “live booking” understand so without casting!

This proximity to the players in this industry is not exactly the same in New York. People change up pretty quickly but more importantly, they do not know me yet or very little. It is thus here that my job takes up a sense! I’m like a young child who discovers the hectic pace of castings, and I must say I like it.

Balance, I am fulfilling on every level!

Finally, your favorite reporter would like to share with you two addresses for your next getaway New Yorkers. History to remain in the minds casting, here are two ideas for restaurants for busy people, but who love to eat, however!

And because we love going when sharing in both directions, is up to you to give me your suggestions of places (all budgets / all kitchen) in New York! I will select those m ‘inspire more and I’ll test them for you camera to the point!

To your keyboards!